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Pursuit of Excellence Logo
Pursuit of Excellence Logo
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Pursuit of Excellence Logo
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Pursuit of Excellence Logo
Pursuit of Excellence Logo
First independently owned-and-operated funeral home owned by an African-American woman in Philadelphia, to receive the Eagle Award

Financial Services





You can have everything just the way you want it by pre-planning your services ahead of time. You can personalize your celebration of your life as you wish. Select everything needed for any type of service, down to the finest details; Write your own poems, own Obituary, or your own letter to your family. How personal and creative you can be is a beautiful tribute to yourself and your family.


Since funeral homes are not allowed to hold monies for pre-arrangements on their own, (that is considered commingling), we have to use a funding vehicle per State Rules and Regulations. We at Emmanuel Johnson Funeral Home use National Guardian Life, or Forethought Life as our funding vehicle. Through these vehicles, we can make your funds guaranteed!
Visit our office or call us for more information on pre-arrangements 215-438-6747


If you are in need of a relative qualifying for a nursing home and you want to pre-finance funeral expenses, we can set aside funds so they will become irrevocable. This helps in the qualification for medicaid for nursing homes. The nursing home will want you to have an irrevocable assignment. Be sure to find out how much the qualification will allow from your loved one's caseworker. Not all situations are the same.
Call to schedule a pre-arrangement with Cynthia R. Johnson-Reid, 215-438-6747.
A "one stop shop", we service your needs individually by providing any additional items you may wish to include such as: seasonal flower sets, programs, bookmarks, tribute DVD's and dove releases.